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Type Directors Club
- national organization, but especially great if you're in the NYC area.

Art Prostitute magazine
- growing design magazine out of Denton, TX with a unique format

- this book reseller usually has some quality design books and fair prices.
- Forrest Elliott is a friend from school who also appreciates good type.

Web Design From Scratch
- a lot of entry-level website articles ranging from concepts to implementation.

Ken Knight Portfolio Cases
- really snazzy cases to keep your work from getting damaged in transport.

SEOmoz's Web2.0 awards
- tons of useful programs/services packed into one spot.

- handy little tool for tracking click-thru's on your links.

who knows, you might like this stuff too.
- great site for concert posters, both archived and for sale.

Book of Cool
- book/dvd combo that everyone should own. Tim hopes to own it one day too.

The Perry Bible Fellowship archive
- everyone should have a little dark humor in their life.

- the best place for Austinites to find out about live shows.